Our Facility

The main form of exclusivity that separates THE FiTT KLUB from other facilities is the inclusion of THE FiTT KLUB work stations. These stations attach directly from floor to ceiling, with each station having its own equipment and tools adding an extraordinary “personal space” dimension to the workout experience.


THE FiTT KLUB training program coaches them individually through their workout for better form, providing a level of safety and confidence during every exercise, and tracks their progress over time.


THE FiTT KLUB work-stations solely differentiates its facility from the next which helps to attract new members. It also is notable as it can improve a new member’s success rate, in-turn retaining members. By keeping class allowance to a max of 12, this training technique will also reduce the number of multiple trainers on the floor at all times as it can provide insight that allows instructors and personal trainers to identify members that are in need of support and  personal attention. 

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